YOUR INPUT NEEDED - Liaison Committee consultation

Dear Network,

You may be aware that the Liaison Committee in Parliament is conducting an inquiry on the “effectiveness and influence of the select committee system.” It is still open for submissions.

Although this is parliament and not government, it is still something which the Steering Committee thought would be an appropriate consultation to take part in as the UK Open Government Network.

We could use it as an opportunity to push at least these two things - (1) how select committees themselves could be more open and engaging, and (2) how they can hold government to account more effectively on open government issues as outlined by Ben Worthy’s suggestion of a cross-cutting committee from the previous IRM report. Any other suggestions also welcome!

I have started to pull together a submission. It is still a working document, so I encourage everyone to read through, add text, edit, make suggestions and hopefully agree on a submission by e.o.b. Friday 19th April.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know!