Lack of political engagement in OGP

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Over the last few months, a few of you, including with the UK OGN steering committee, have commented and raised concerns around the lack of political commitment commitment to open government (From the move to DCMS, constant ministerial changes, and the lack of political engagement in the action plan so far, to name but a few obstacles faced).

In July, the OGN Steering Committee wrote to the then Minister Matt Hancock outlining our concerns over the lack of ministerial engagement with the current open government action plan and the threat this poses in undermining the UK’s position as a global leader on open government:

Read the letter to Matt Hancock, here:

Yesterday we received a response from Margot James MP, the minister responsible for open government here:

The UK OGN Steering Committee will be meeting Margot James MP on 11 September to discuss these issues and the current action plan (a draft is due to be open for public consultation before the end of this month).



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Hey Andreas,

Thanks for sharing this, and hope all is well with you. Let me know if there is anything OpenCorporates can do to support – happy to help!

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Ditto from 360Giving Andreas - let’s see where the discussions get to with Margot James and what traction you get around the new NAP.


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Good day, We were advised to post via the web site but the system said that we are not allowed to post there. We tried both Open Government Pioneers Project and UK open government network. Andreas also wrote that we can post to a forum via e-mail but the message bounced with the following reply: