Consultation Launched on Draft UK Open Gov Action Plan 2018-20

Dear Open Government colleagues,

It is here! The draft UK National Action Plan for Open Government 2018-2020 is now open for public consultation until 3rd October 2018.


The text represents the culmination of the co-creation process so far and sets out eight early draft commitments for further comment. This consultation is an important stage in the development process through which to strengthen the plan, so your feedback is essential.

More information available on the UK Open Government Network website.

There are two ways to provide feedback:

Via Google Doc
Youā€™re welcome to make comments and suggestions directly in the document, using the comments function - highlight part of the document, then select the + box to add a comment. Please note that this is a public Google Doc, and any comments you make will be visible publicly. It is, therefore, advisable that you ensure your comments are in line with your organisationā€™s policies and public position.

If youā€™re commenting on behalf of an organisation please make it clear which organisation you represent within your feedback.

We welcome involvement from a broad range of organisations. If your organisation is supportive of or would like to be involved in further development or delivery of a commitment, please add your organisationā€™s name to the list of ā€˜other actors Involvedā€™.

Any abusive or offensive comments will be removed.

Via email
If you would prefer to comment anonymously, please email

The consultation will be open from 5th September until 3rd October 2018, after which it will no longer be possible to comment on the document.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.


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Hello all,

I just wanted to emphasise the importance of responding to this consultation. The current draft of the action plan is lacking ambition, but there are people inside government who want to drive forward some significant commitments. They need some pressure from outside to help make stuff happen.

We had a positive meeting with Margot James (Minister of State for Digital and the Creative Industries), who seemed interested in pursuing commitments on a number of issues (e.g. citizen participation in policy making, elections data, courts data, FOI).

So please, add comments, make submissions and encourage others to do so as well!


Hi Tim

Can I book a telephone call with you next week to discuss this please?

Kind regards

Linda Damerell


It needs some big ideas central to what transformation it will enable. Otherwise it just becomes yet another echo chamber list of various open technologies and practices, that goes largely unused.

For example defining the role open source software and open data can play in tackling homelessness.



You mention Open Source. Next week I will be publishing a report describing how the UK government and NHS policy supports Open Source principles and the report goes on to demonstrate the practices required to meet these policies. This work was funded by NHS Digital and the report is @10K words.

Later in the year I will publish an implementation manual as the second component of the report which details the (measurable) technical details to ensure that any providers purporting to work to these principles can be held accountable. The outcome is that public funds create public tech that is sustainable, open and re-usable.

These principles underpinned a successful delivery of an Open Source bedside observation and a short-form case study was published yesterday. A tweet about this yesterday has gained some traction already. NHS Digital (Apperta) are creating a more detailed case study which provides clinical benefit realisation.

If you think this is the type of information that should be presented in the consultation, please let me know. I can put some time in to this and would benefit from peer review and direction.


Hello Neil,

Related to Stuartā€™s comment we have worked with NHS Digital/Apperta to managed IP, security and licensing in their open source software supply chain as part of their governance and quality assurance of open source applications.
We are helping software developers contributing to Apperta solutions to be conformant with Linux Foundationā€™s OpenChain Specification. There is a case study available here

Martin Callinan

Dear network!

Thank you to everyone who has made submissions so far to the draft UK Open Government Action Plan 2018-20. We have had lots of comments made on the Google Doc and submissions via email.

I encourage those of you who have yet to do so to make sure you check out the consultation. We have only two weeks left until it ends (deadline is Wednesday 3 October 2018).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!



Hi Stuart

Great thanks I will check it out. Yes there are many dimensions. I just published this article to PublicTechnology, about the opportunity for Scotland to replicate best practices from pioneers such as E-Estonia.

Replicate being the key word because the platform described is open sourceā€¦

Regards, Neil.


Thanks for the link - you present a strong vision for ā€˜digital Scotlandā€™ and the regional economic benefits gained from developing and using open source are almost always overlooked.

Some of this is covered in the OpenUK NHS report which has just been uploaded it here: (you could be the first to read it!) and feedback is welcome. Next on the list: Open source-friendly Procurement.

All being well I will get chance to work some of this in to the consultation in the next week.

All the best,


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Hi All.

You might also want to check out which references some of the activity in then UK.

Dear colleagues,

I hope you have had a good weekend.

If you have not seen already, the public consultation on the draft UK National Action Plan for Open Government 2018-2020 closes on Wednesday 3 October, 5pm (this week!)

For some, that will trigger a sigh of relief (and no more emails or tweets about participating), for others, it will be your last opportunity to comment and feedback on the draft action plan!


This consultation is an important stage in the development process of the open government action plan, where we can push to strengthen it, so your feedback is essential.

More information available on the UK Open Government Network website . If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask me:

Many thanks