Open Government Steering Group Meeting - 18th December

The next meeting of our Steering Group will take place tomorrow at 10am. The agenda is included below - as always, observers are welcome. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in coming along.


10:00 - All
Introductions and Tea/Coffee

Update from Scottish Government - Graeme Dey, Minister for Parliamentary Business
Update from Civil Society - Elric Honore
Update from COSLA - Councillor Graham Houston
Update on OGP actions - Doreen Grove and Lucy McTernan|

10:25 - Commitment Leads
Commitment Updates

  1. Fiscal transparency
  2. Participation Framework
  3. Accountability of Public Services
  4. Brexit

10:40 - Roger Halliday and Sally Kerr
Deep Dive into Commitment 3

Online Engagement

11:05 - All

11:15 - All

13:00 - Close

The workshop portion of this meeting will cover 3 broad themes:

• Measuring & Reporting Progress
• Moving Forward: How do we collaborate?
• Widening the Network

Agenda December 2019.docx (15.2 KB)

Where is the meeting being held?

Best wishes,


Hi Pam,

It’s being held in the General Medical Council Boardroom, in Central Edinburgh.


I have a meeting in Glasgow and so I will be unable to attend.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.


Is there a dial-in?

Hi Hera,

No, I’m afraid not.

Minutes from this meeting are attached below. They’ll be uploaded to this week.

Steering_Group_minutes_December_2019.docx (28.2 KB)

Apologies all - there was a slight hiccup here meaning that the September minutes were uploaded in place of the December ones! This has been fixed, but the link sent out by email will still be wrong - please just click through to the network page to access the correct document.

Minutes have now been published on the Steering Group webpage on

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