Civil society reps/commitment leads meetings - dates etc

Dear colleagues,

In between the OGP meetings hosted at the Scottish Government (see minutes Open Government Steering Group Meeting - 18th December ), we are also holding civil society meetings with representatives, the next dates being:

Thursday 30 January 2020 (this evening)
Thursday 26 March 2020
Thursday 28 May 2020

They take place at the moment at the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance, between 4.30pm-6.15pm, with thanks to Shaben Begum for being our host on those dates. PM me or post below if you would like to attend so we can plan numbers

The meetings are informal and an occasion to get live updates from the civil society leads on the action plan and/or get involved in working groups. This follows our drive last year recruiting new representatives and developing the network and governance. Observers of course welcome and we will put up notes of topics discussed on googledocs or such inline in this thread.

We’re still looking at how how we put more information online for the network along with collaboration tools, teleconferencing etc - see this post to get involved in this> How should we share what we're up to?

I can possibly come to the May meeting, Elric. I am away in March.

Best wishes,


Thank you Pam, ill make sure to send a reminder closer the date. Looking forward to meeting in person then. Best, elric

I’d be keen to come to the May one! Have popped a reminder in my diary.