Declaration for Responsible and Intelligent Data Practice

Over the last 18 months Open Data Manchester has been co-designing a Declaration for Responisible and Intelligent Data Practice with the public, private, academic, civil society and voluntary sectors in Greater Manchester to create a shared vision of what best practice in data looks like and avoid unintended consequences and harms. The Declaration has 23 principles in nine themes covering - common principles, collecting and using data, good governance, respect for all, system design, procurement, sharing knowledge, open data and environmental impact.

We will be announcing the release of version 1.0 of the Declaration’s statement of intent on Friday and over the coming months developing the implementation guide and governance framework.

The initiative is being supported by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Manchester Digital - the sectoral support association for digital in Greater Manchester. The website can be found here


Thanks for this really interesting approach

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Nice work, Julian!

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Hello Julian,
Thank you very much for doing all this work over the last 18 months,
and is it intended to set a standard for all Cities and Regions and countries ?
Do you have international support for this governance and accountability work ?

Great to see this Julian, thanks for sharing!

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This looks really good @Julian Let us know if it is something the UK OGN could help you promote. Maybe if you are tweeting about it tomorrow put one in here and encourage people to share / retweet? Best wishes, Kevin

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Hi Kevin, thanks for the offer and it would be great to promote it as much as we can. Will post some tweets tomorrow when we start announcing.

Hi Alex,
I do think cities and regions, especially cities have an opportunity to lead on these kind of initiatives as I would contend that they are closer to the needs of the people, businesses and institutions that exist within them.

It doesn’t have international support, as part of the development process we did look at the work Waag was doing in Amsterdam, the data sovereignty work taking place in Barcelona and various statements that had been made in the US - it also ties in a little bit with our data cooperative work.

Although it is for Greater Manchester, the Declaration is an open source piece of work for others to adapt and use as they see fit.

We have now announced the Declaration on Twitter. Please spread the word if you feel you can. Tweets are from @opendatamcr the text of our launch tweet is below.

Today we launch the Declaration for Responsible and Intelligent Data Practice. Co-designed over 18 months, it is a shared vision of what best practice in data looks like for Greater Manchester

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Many thanks


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