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We need you help to make Government more accountable and transparent.

Nine workshops have been organised by the UK Open Government Network and UK Cabinet Office. They will bring together civil society representatives with government officials to develop policy for the next UK’s National Action Plan for Open Government.

They begin with Open Contracting (Procurement) on May 5th, Open Health on May 6th, and Open Justice on May 10th. Future workshops will include Public Standards and Accountability, Data Ethics, Freedom of Information, Misinformation, Democracy, and Environment (Net Zero).

You can read more about the groups here but we need your help to get the word out.

Complete this form as soon as possible with your own interest. But please share it far-and-wide. We are desperate for this process to be as inclusive as possible. Way beyond the usual suspects. Particularly given the current situation.

We are in an open government emergency. From ineffective lobbying laws to breaches of the ministerial code; illegal procurement practices to the disregard of ethical standards; climate change to the must-take opportunity of COP26: there has never been a more important time for civil society to come together and affect change. Which is why we are urging people to get involved and why we need your help.

Sign up here but please help us get the word out.

Consider copying and pasting the form link into a tweet, tagging OpenGovUK (we will retweet) with the hashtag #opengov, a message about how you will make government more accountable and transparent, and encouraging others to do the same.

Or include in your newsletters, linking to the webpage: Open Government Action Hub – UK Open Government Network Or simply email your colleagues or others who can spread the word.

I know I have already said this, but there has never been a more important time for civil society to come together and affect change. And there has never been a more important National Action Plan.

So please get involved.

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Dear Kevin

Thank you. I have one remark. I think the government and parliament use the concept of disinformation. UNESCO too. See parliament report

All the best


ISO Standards are needed for politicians and the rest paid by the public purse