OGP Steering Group first meeting Thurs 21st - Agenda

Dear all,

The OGP Steering Group made up of government and civil society representatives is having its first meeting on this Thursday (21st June). Please see below for the agenda, including attendee list, if you’re interested.

We will share an update and notes from the meeting afterwards with the whole network.

Kind regards,



General Medical Council Boardroom
Gentle’s Entry, Edinburgh EH8 8PJ
General Medical Council Scotland

21st June 2018 9.30 – 11.00


9.30 – 9.40
Joe Fitzpatrick, Lucy McTernan

9.40 - 10.10 Introductions
Members of the steering group to introduce
• Who you are
• Who you represent
• What in open government agenda interests you most
All (2 minutes each)

10.10 – 10.25 Open Government Strategic Framing
• Civil Society
• Government
• OGP current timeline

Lucy McTernan
Doreen Grove
Emma Harvey

10.25 – 10.50 Agreeing Strategic Priorities and working model
In pairs, agree three things that would constitute a successful involvement with Open Government over the next two years

Feedback followed by round table discussion about how the group will achieve that success – how it will operate, roles and responsibilities

10.50 Next steps and Close
Lucy McTernan, Joe Fitzpatrick


Stephen Gallagher – Interim Director Communities and Local Government
Barbara Allison - Director Communications, Ministerial Support & Facilities (apologies received)
Colin Cook - Director Digital (apologies received)
Doreen Grove – Head of Open Government
Scott Bell - Head of Procurement Development and Construction Review Division
Roger Halliday – Chief Statistician and Head of Performance (apologies received)
Audrey MacDougall - Deputy Director: Communities Analysis Division and Chief Social Researcher
Douglas McLaren – Deputy Director Public Service Reform Division

Civil Society
Shaben Begum – Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance
Eddy Borges-Rey – The University of Stirling
Catherine Gee – Keep Scotland Beautiful
Elric Honore – Fife Centre for Equalities
Lucy McTernan
Kaela Scott – Involve
Alex Stobart

Paul Bradley – Open Government Network Coordinator, SCVO
Simon Cameron – COSLA
Emma Harvey – Secretariat
Niamh Webster – Secretariat

Hi Niamh

Thanks for this. Are you planning to record/livestream for later viewing? Thanks in advance.

Hi Ruchir,

There’s no set-up in place or facilities to do this currently, but the Scottish Government is looking into this at the moment for future meetings like this. We can ask at the meeting for some ideas on what people would like to see, and we’re interested in asking the wider network what they think would be useful and/or how to engage with meetings for those who can’t attend in person. For example, perhaps some short videos summarising the meetings or interactive webinar formats to take part as opposed to observing might be more accessible. What would be useful to see from meetings - what do others think?


Hi Niamh,

Thanks for the update and looking forwards to the meeting.

My 2p re: accessible tech - just from experience of doing closed captioning for meetings and casework interviews - it’s time intensive and so long as the option is there to get those on request, a combined approach of key points discussed/agreed via webinar or easy read slides + a link to audio file shows good practice

All the best,elric

I realise it may be a PITA to arrange but I’d favour webinars and/or live-casting from meeting, with people being able to tweet in points. To keep it manageable, people at the meeting would say their pieces on a topic. Then the chair (or someone else suitable) would read out tweets, then there would be a bit more discussion of these, then the meeting move on to the next topic.

I favour tweets simply to avoid filibustering by email.


Magnificently Talk Hello everybody well its really important to Live cast and blogs these Open Government Network Scotland Because this OGP Steering Group first meeting program are made up opened minded people who are willing to Contribute with their knowledge for the future Hope since the Scottish Government is looking into this at the moment for future meetings like this and the Future is today there is saying that its painful because I didn’t get the chance to speak or give my opinion