How should we share what we're up to?

Hi all!

As is traditional, we’re taking stock of where we are as we move into 2020. As part of this, we’ve created new working group to take a close look at how we share news and updates across our online channels. These include this forum, our Scottish Government twitter (scotgovopen), our Civil Society Network twitter (opengovscot), and the Scottish Government Blog.

We know different people like to receive information in different styles and through different channels, but we really don’t know too much about our particular audience… so we’re trying to find out more!

You can help us by completing our online survey to tell us about yourself and your preferences. It’s really quick, and having as many responses as possible will be a big help to us as we set out to create our engagement strategy to meet your needs. Essentially, we want to make sure we’re keeping you in the loop as often and as effectively as possible!