Updates on the health group

Hello everyone,

Some updates on the health group. We have been moving our meeting this week to the end of the month so we can recruit some new members who work primarily in the health sector to help us shape the plan. I think this is an exciting time to see how we can get more organisations involved in open government that are not our usual suspects.

I have been in touch with several groups already such as HealthWatchUK and Association of Medical Research Charities, but if you know other health charities that can join please spread the word about it. Health is a vast subject and I think getting a couple of more actors from the field will be useful for us.

I hope that in the next meeting we can narrow our focus down to three themes and start to see how we can make them into commitments. In the time being, if you have an idea for this stream of work, please add it to the mural board.


Dear Mor,

The following groups might also be interested in participating:

Cochrane UK
Consilium Scientific
Transparency International Global Health
Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) - UK

I’m happy to draft something on clinical trial transparency whenever needed, but I will be on vacation for much of July-August. What’s the best way I can contribute?

Best wishes,