Next Open Health Meeting

Hello all,

Our next Open Health NAP meeting in on Tuesday, 20th of July 14:00-15:00, if you would like to join and didn’t get an invite, let me know and you will add you.

In this meeting, we will focus on five themes for future commitment - open trials, open COVID 19 data, trust and accountability with health data, interoperability in health data and DEI data in health.

Let me know if you have any questions prior to the meeting. I’ll be happy to disucss them.


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Hello Mor, would love to join in on the conversation. Is the invite still open?

Hello Mor

Please can you send me an invitation for this event.


Hi all,

Due to a mix up on my side we moved the meeting to next week, 27/5, 14:00-15:00.

If you would like to get an invite please fill in quickly this form Registration: Open Government Thematic Groups

Thanks and apologies for the mix-up.