Open Government Partnership Steering Group minute May 2023 | Revised milestones + progress reports | Date of next meeting (26th September 2023)

Hello everyone,

Following the last Open Government Steering group meeting I’m sharing some updates with the network around Scotland’s Open Government Action Plan 2021 to 2025 – including progress reports for each commitment and revised milestones. These updates are:

  • The minute and a presentation from the most recent Open Government Steering group meeting held 17th May 2023. The minute of the meeting is available to view on the website and I have attached the presentation shared during the meeting below. This involved a discussion around transparency in Scotland, facilitated by Juliet Swann from Transparency International UK.
    OGP and transparency in Scotland.pdf (249.4 KB)

  • Progress reports for each commitment are also live on our Open Government Collections page. Progress reports for each of the 5 commitments are collated before an Open Government Steering group meeting and are used as a basis for a recurring agenda item that looks at commitment updates and exception reporting. The most recent progress reports are from May 2023.

  • Recognising milestones as part of the 5 year action plan would need to evolve and develop, government leads and civil society members for each commitment met earlier in the year to establish whether milestones should be revised or updated. Full details, and the process each commitment undertook to agree on revised milestones are available to view on the Open Government Collections page.

The next Open Government Steering group meeting is due to take place Tuesday 26th September (14:30 – 15:30). Observers are welcome to attend any Open Government Steering group meeting, which will always offer a virtual option for attendees.

If you would like to attend the next Open Government Steering Group meeting as an observer please drop me a message via the network and I’ll get back to you with meeting information and joining instructions.

Thank you!
Open Government Participation Policy Officer

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Apologies all, links included to the Open Government Collections page referenced in the post are now fixed!

Thanks for this. Unfortunately I don’t agree with the proposals for reforming the lobbying register in Scotland. They seem to put even more of a burden on the advocacy org, particularly charities. I don’t see any impact from the lobbying register on improving transparency in Scotland. We need better evidenced and more effective approaches to ministerial, MSP and senior civil servant transparency. How about they simply publish their own diaries?