The fourth UK Open Gov NAP


(Andreas Pavlou) #1

Hi all,

I thought I would start the new year with a short message of where we are at the moment with the UK Open Government Action Plan. Not much will have changed since you last read a message from me, but it is worth reiterating in case any of you missed it.

The 4th UK Open Gov Action Plan (2018-20)
The Action Plan is to be launched very soon (end of Jan at the latest is the plan). I am having a conversation with DCMS later this week to see what the situation is in terms of Government sign off. Just before Christmas, we were waiting for one minister to sign off on one commitment (simply waiting on their desk, not due to major objections).

I am also scheduling a call with the OGP Support Unit about the delay to the action plan being launched and what this will mean/imply from the OGP.

The only thing now that is really hanging over (or at worst could completely derail the process) is the delayed vote on Brexit due for 15th January. Who knows what might happen as it will have an effect on the process as it has done this whole time. The chat with DCMS may help to figure out potential ways forward.

Civil Society Foreword to the Action Plan
The text is ready and I will send over this week to DCMS to add to the plan. Please send comments or reflections asap, or indicate if you have any objections: Google Doc: Civil Society Foreword to 4th Action Plan

Steering Committee elections
We have extended the elections for steering committee positions to next Monday (14 January 2019). Please apply if you are interested, and send the message out to others who you feel would be good on the committee! It doesnt take long to complete! UK OGN website: More info and application form available here.

Strategy Meeting
For those that are applying to be Steering Committee members it is worth taking note of this ‘save the date’: Tuesday 26th February 2019. The Steering Committee will meet in Manchester (TBC) to discuss the strategic direction of the OGN. For those of you in the network, we will make sure there is opportunity to input into this meeting beforehand (and after!). It is still early days in planning and we have a date set so far, so are open to many options.

Questions, comments, thoughts more than welcome!


(Andreas Pavlou) #2

Hi all,

Although many of you will have your heads turned towards Parliament for tomorrow’s vote, I am giving a quick update on the fourth UK NAP:

UK now jumps to next cycle of OGP countries
Since the UK had not submitted its action plan to the OGP last year and we are now in January, the UK officially will be handing it in late. That means the UK now jumps to the next cycle of countries who technically have until next August to submit their action plans.

However, in my mind this does not mean we delay further than necessary for the UK’s plan, but that instead we should be aiming to submit a plan as soon as possible, and take the extra months to implement the plan effectively (as well as add more commitments/milestones).

Awaiting ministerial sign off for one commitment
We are still waiting for that ministerial sign off on one commitment which is holding everything back. Unfortunately with the vote tomorrow, as you can imagine, it has been impossible it seems for DCMS to get that sign off past the minister.

The aftermath of the vote in Parliament on 15th Jan
What our next steps will be are totally dependent on what happens tomorrow after the vote. Should the government remain in place, we can hope that the minister will sign off on the action plan and it can be submitted to OGP before the end of January. We could then write to the minister with a letter about it being done so late and the poor ministerial lead on this area of government work. All as ‘‘planned’’.

Should the Government collapse and/or we May loses the no confidence vote, I have no idea what that would mean for the action plan (but let’s be honest, it is not good!). We could try to be creative with a solution or try to get bits already signed off into implementation, but it will also depend on civil service capacity too depending on whether the UK is looking at a no deal Brexit, a delay to Article 50 or something else. In any case, there are so many variables right now it is difficult to figure out any kind of sure-fire plan!

New point of contact
On the positive side, there will be a new dedicated point of contact within DCMS who will lead on open government. What a time to join! :confused:

Steering Committee elections
If after all the above, you feel up for the fight for open government, then heed this short reminder that today is the last day for submitting your application to become a UK OGN steering committee member! Apply here: