Thank you for contributions to the UK’s next National Action Plan for Open Government


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Thank you for your contributions to the UK Government and Open Government Network’s consultation on the UK’s next National Action Plan for Open Government.

The consultation saw 24 individuals representing over 20 organisations comment on the open google doc (links) and 6 further responses via email from both individuals and organisations. The Open Government Network also contributed a response representing what we have heard from members of our network.

Your contribution to this consultation is really important to the process of developing the UK national action plan for open government. It builds upon the crowdsourcing and co-creation process so far undertaken by Government and the Open Government Network, and will help further improve the proposed commitments. Developing, securing and implementing lasting open government reform is only possible with ongoing collaboration between citizens, civil society, political and official champions and other stakeholders.

Next Steps
DCMS is now analysing all the comments and feedback received to ensure it is taken into account as the national action plan is developed further towards a final version.

Later in October, Minister Margot James will chair the third open government multistakeholder forum (MSF) between Government and the Open Government Network, to discuss the development of the national action plan towards this final version. Government, the Open Government Network and civil society leads will continue to develop the action plan commitments after the MSF.

A final version of the national action plan is then due to be published on the OGN website and by the end of this year.

For more information
If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the MSF or specific commitments, please contact the OGN coordinator:

The Coordinator of the Open Government Civil Society Network