Draft Scottish commitment in UK Action Plan - for comment

Dear all,

A draft of a Scottish collaborative commitment for the UK Open Government Action Plan has now been written and sharing today to ask for comments. There is a possibility it could be published in the UK Action Plan official launch in March if we have comments by Wed 20th Feb , but we appreciate this is the first civil society is seeing of this so may well want longer to discuss. Please let us know if needs more time, and can be added to UK NAP 4 at a later date. Please note this is still very much in draft and in the required OGP template.

This is drafted by governments of UK, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland in collaboration. We are of course happy to answer any questions.

For context, the commitment is about finding the most effective ways to spread open government across the UK. We recognise that there are different ways of doing open government in different places, it’s not about making this all the same, but learning from each other. This commitment isn’t new, it builds on the work in the Scottish commitment in the last UK Action Plan (2016-18).

It’s relevant for the UK to address this now as a whole given that the International Open Governemnt Partnership are reviewing the spread of open government and the sub-national Pioneers programme, of which Scotland is a member (report available in international Steering Group papers - 'Next Phase of OGP Local, pg 31).

Read draft commitment here: OGP - Scotland UK Commitment 2018-20 - DRAFT.docx (28.5 KB)


Niamh and Doreen
Scottish Government

Originally posted on UK Open Gov Network in response to discussion:The fourth UK Open Gov NAP