SIGN ON - Ottawa Summit Statement

Dear colleague

Please find below a statement for your organisation to sign onto about the lack of a UK Open Government National Action Plan (NAP) , led by the UK Open Government Network.

Please read the Statement and Add Your Organisation’s name before 5pm GMT, Tuesday 28th May:

Assuming there is no published NAP, we will publish our statement on the morning of the Summit in Ottawa (29th May). The statement calls for the NAP to be published, for there to be a high-level commitment made to open government more generally, and for government to work closely with civil society. As you may know, the NAP has been seriously delayed - the UK missed the original OGP deadline and this is the second OGP Summit without a UK NAP - on top of many examples of backsliding on open government across government departments.

We have also drafted another statement in case the NAP is published just before the Summit - with many of the same messages. This will be signed by the ‘Open Government Network’.

We are looking to get as many organisations working on opengov, transparency, participation, and accountability signed up to this statement as possible! So please also forward this email to your networks.

Many thanks


Thanks Andreas! Both letters are drafted really well. I hope the UK makes a move!


Hi everyone,

I have now published the statement on the UK Open Gov website. Thank you to those who signed on to it. You can still sign on by messaging me and letting me know.

I have also tweeted from the @opengovuk twitter and encourage you all to tweet about this as well.

The hastag for OGP summit is #OGPCanada

Thanks to everyone who has helped develop the statement!