Open Government Steering Group - 17th May - agenda & reminder to let us know if you’d like to attend

Hi everyone,

The next Open Government Steering group is due to meet next week, Wednesday 17th May (2pm - 3pm).

Following the First Minister transition period earlier this year, Mr George Adam MSP was re-appointed to Minister for Parliamentary Business and will continue to chair the Open Government Steering group meetings alongside Lucy McTernan, Civil Society Co-Chair for the group. This next meeting will be chaired by Lucy McTernan.

Included below is some key information ahead of the Steering Group:

  • This is the first meeting of the Steering Group for 2023 and will involve commitment leads updating on milestones which have been revised or developed in line with Scotland’s approach to the 2021- 2025 Open Government action plan. As the current action plan is Scotland’s longest to date, to ensure that progress is reflected over the course of the next four years it was agreed by civil society and government leads that milestones will be reviewed annually and new actions will be developed where required.

  • Earlier this year civil society and government commitment leads met to review, develop and agree milestones for the coming year. These will be uploaded onto the Open Government collections page over the next few weeks.

  • The meeting will also see the group considering where Scotland can support the implementation of the new Open Government Partnership 5 year strategy, which was launched 8th May 2023 after a yearlong consultation. A discussion will also take place reflecting on open governance and transparency in Scotland, and opportunities to approach this mid National Action Plan (NAP).

Please get in touch if you would like to attend as an observer. To receive the online link to join the session, please email me at


Open Government Steering Group- Agenda- 17 May 2023.pdf (59.2 KB)

Note of previous meeting - November 2022

Thank you!
Open Government Participation Policy Officer, Scottish Government