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A quick update to share where things are, and the emerging role of the civic society representatives. On October 4th there was a meeting in Edinburgh with Papers about the proposed 5 OGP Commitments. Civic society representatives were there with Scottish Government. The process is exploratory and new to many in civic society.

There were 5 Commitments and the civic society representatives had brought their ideas and the meetings from across Scotland in June, July and August. An example -

The meeting was productive, and enabled civic society, COSLA and Scottish Government to cover a lot of ground. On behalf of the OGP and the Plan for the next two years, participants are working to agree the scope and content of Commitments about a range of issues. After the 4th October meeting, the civic society representatives gave their ideas for adding to the Commitments, and these are being worked on at the moment by Scottish Government and Local government. This is an ongoing, open collaboration so that the final Commitments are agreed by the parties. Civic society is waiting for the responses, and the opportunity then to engage in further partnership working and finalise the Commitments.

See civic society workings here with the Document -

These Commitments and ideas are a potential way of working on a OGP partnership for transparency, participation and accountability and so please offer comments and ideas to the civic society document.

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