DRAFT Action Plan 2018-2020 Potential Draft Commitments from scotgov [plain English / collaborative / googledoc]

Dear colleagues,

In view of the 2nd Open Government Partnership Steering Group coming up next week (4 October), here’s a online collaborative document as simplified / plain English (*best shot within the timeframe) summary of the ideas and key actions being floated about across civil society and government so far.

The document is open for comment to all. Please have at it:

Open Government Partnership – Action Plan 2018-2020 Potential Commitments from scotgov- Civil society collab DRAFT

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gKAG6XEIbD4ZG8oywNbU3OrjKFGXjzLd7P8yVW622js/edit?usp=sharing