One week until Open Government Week – what events are on?

:mega: It’s one week to go until Open Government Week 2023 and so we are sharing with the network some events running during the week, and also the best way to browse events taking place across other OGP member countries.

#OpenGovWeek facilitates the unique opportunity to gain important international insights and learning on key issues affecting countries and communities around the world. Events see governments, civil society, reformers and advocates delve into a number of issues and themes that define our current times.

For the 5th Open Gov Week (OGW) OGP are “honouring the innovators helping to make government work better and standing with brave citizens to protect and renew democratic values around the world”.

The Open Government Partnership have set up a dedicated website to feature events that are going to be hosted by member countries during the week. You can visit this platform by going to the Open Government Week website. You can filter by country, theme and date.

There are a series of online events that Scottish Government are running and taking part in during the week to inspire others as to the what, why and how of Open Government.

You can find further details and registration links below. All events are open to the public, and so we are encouraging event information to be shared with colleagues, networks, friends, family or anyone you think would be interested in the below topics.

We are really looking forward to amplifying the awareness of Open Government during the week, and we hope to see networks members there!

The importance of independent monitoring and how to ensure impact– learnings from civil society and independent reporting experts

:spiral_calendar:: Tuesday 9th May 13:00 – 14:00

:link:Sign up here :Microsoft Virtual Events Powered by Teams

Independent monitoring of action plans is a requirement of all OGP members as it is a key way for government and civil society to track and improve upon the progress of government activities by using evidence-based and objective reporting.

This session will see expert speakers explore the importance of independent monitoring of government activities, and where and how government and civil society can better improve monitoring capabilities and outcomes. Speakers will also share advice on how to utilise independent monitoring outputs to gain results and strengthen relationships, alongside how to maintain momentum on actions to ensure long term, sustainable impact.

Dialogue Panel: Presentation of the Buenos Aires Declaration and synergy with the Local Climate Action Circle (OGP)

:spiral_calendar:: Wednesday 10th May 14:00 – 15:30

:link:Sign up link: Open Government Week 2023 ( (scroll down and select ‘Meeting of Cities for the Buenos Aires Declaration for Climate Action’)

With the support of OGP and the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean during the C40 Mayors Summit in 2022, the “Buenos Aires Declaration: Open Government for Climate Action in Local Governments” was presented, which aims to strengthen open government mechanisms for climate action.

This declaration is based on the Escazú Agreement and the Aarhus Convention, and establishes the following principles: collaboration, accountability, transparency, innovation and citizen participation, in order to promote synergy between the Climate and Open Government agendas.

Hosted by the city of Buenos Aires, this session will see cities present their experiences on open government and climate action, and will be the first meeting between the signatory cities of the Declaration and the members of the OGP Local Circle on Climate Action.

Key speakers will include:

  • Rudi Bormann, Deputy Director, OGP Local
  • Doreen Grove, Head of Open Government, Scottish Government

Green Participatory Budgeting - Reflections from National, Regional and Local Perspectives

:spiral_calendar:: Wednesday 10th May 12:00 – 13:00

:link:Sign up link: Microsoft Virtual Events Powered by Teams

Green Participatory Budgeting (PB) supports the Participation commitment in Scotland’s Open Government Action Plan 2021-25.

Green PB is one type of participatory budgeting, and is a way for local people to make direct decisions about how budgets are spent addressing climate change and reducing our carbon footprints.

This session will provide an oversight of Scotland’s Green PB programme of work, where you will hear from a range of national, regional and local perspectives all committed to support PB as a means to empower communities. There will also be an opportunity for attendees to ask questions as part of the Q&A Open Panel Discussion

Applying Open Government Principles to Climate Policy Development

:spiral_calendar:: Wednesday 10th May 14:00 – 15:00

:link:Sign up here: Microsoft Virtual Events Powered by Teams

Come along to hear about the creation of the Climate Policy Engagement Network, a commitment in Scotland’s third Open Government Action Plan.

The Network was created to streamline engagement on climate policy, bring together a wider variety of stakeholders, and get a clearer picture of the range of engagement activities and responses gathered on key climate policy milestones delivered by the Scottish Government.

This session seeks to shine a light on how the commitment have been delivered to date, plans for the remainder of the Action Plan and an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and discuss the opportunities and challenges of digital participation in policy development.