Events in August across Scotland - please help to share and promote

Dear network members,

As you may be well aware, we’re in the middle of creating our next set of commitments on open government for the next two years (2018-20). With the Scottish Government and the civil society network members in partnership, we have been trying to hear from the wider public to get their ideas and input on shaping the plan.

We’ve got a number of events coming up in August – and we need your help. As discussed with the civil society working group, this engagement phase has been planned to end with a big final event in Edinburgh on Tuesday 21st August. This is the last event of the engagement which will distill all ideas we’ve heard into participants developing some concrete committments for the Action Plan (to be published September) We hope to see many of you there. We also have an ask of you: Can you help with the promotion of this final event?

More info and get your ticket here by registering:

I’ve included some suggestions below for content which you may like to use in passing on the word to your networks, through social media, newsletters or email invites to people you think might be interested. Of course feel free to edit or tweak as you like.

Please let me know if there is anything else you need in supporting our promotion for the event and thank you for your help. Suggestions/improvements welcome for other promotion and engagement activities.

We would like to invite as many people as possible to give their expertise and experience, and have their say on shaping the future of openness in Scotland. Thanks for your support in creating a good partnership between government and civil society as part of the OGP.

Kind regards,
Open Government Team, The Scottish Government

Suggested Tweet/social media post:
How could a more open, accessible and transparent government help you? We need your expertise and to hear your ideas. Join us on 21st August in Edinburgh! Get your free ticket here: [INSERT EVENT LINK] #OpenGov #Edinburgh

You can see more on social media here:
Scottish Government open government team @OGP_Scotland
Civil Society Open government network @ opengovscot

Sample invite email:


The Open Government Network, which I’m part of, are hosting a large event in Edinburgh alongside the Scottish Government on open government. We are trying to hear from people across Scotland on how they would like the government to be more accessible and transparent. We need to hear about their experience and their expertise. All welcome, whether you know a little or a lot. The event is free, informal and includes a light lunch. Would you be willing to come along? Alternatively, would you like to send a representative from your organisation or from your networks?

The event is taking place 9:30 (start 10am) – 1pm with lunch, Tuesday 21st August, Edinburgh.

More info and get your ticket here: [INSERT EVENT LINK]

We hope to see you there

Graphics: I have attached a graphic for social media and newsletter promotion.

News article/blogpost: I have also attached an article that can be shared on websites and through newsletters – this includes a link to registering and also submitting an idea online.

Other engagement and events:

Also, we’re hosting events in other parts of the country so please extend the invitation if you have networks in other parts of the country too. The full events programme is listed below:

  • Dundee – Thursday 9th August, 1-3.30pm (includes lunch and teas/coffee) Register here

  • Glasgow – Monday 13th August, 1-3.30pm (includes lunch and teas/coffee) Register here

  • Inverness – Wednesday 15th August, 1-3.30pm (includes lunch and teas/coffee) Register here

  • Edinburgh – Thursday 16th August, 1-3.30pm (includes lunch and teas/coffee) Register here
    COSLA (Council of Scottish Local Authorities) hosted event on open government and participatory budgeting

  • Edinburgh – Tuesday 21st August, 9.30am arrivals, event 10am-1pm Register here (includes lunch and teas/coffee)
    Final event: a bigger event (40-60 people) to try to bring together all the ideas from across Scotland, and try to identify the key priorities for shaping the commitments to go into the final Action Plan.

There’s also an opportunity to contribute online by posting an idea or comments. Submit an idea online here:

Also, we’re happy to come to speak to people or visit groups across the country; please get in touch at

Thanks, Niamh! We’ll retweet etc. from TI-UK accounts.

Thanks Rachel, so helpful. Thanks to those who have also been sharing info about it online.