OGP Steering Group Vacancy - Nominations Open


In May, we undertook an open selection process for members of the Network to join Scotland’s first OGP Steering Group. Many of you will know that one of our representatives, Niamh Webster, has recently moved on from The Democratic Society to take on a new role at the Scottish Government with the Ingage Team.

Her new role as a ‘Project Manager and Communications Advisor’ involves working on open government and public service reform. As such, she sadly has given up her seat as a civil society representative on the Steering Group. Despite losing Niamh from the group - and it’s a big loss! - I’m sure I speak for many on wishing her well in progressing the open government agenda from a different angle.

Nominations have now opened to fill the eighth space on Scotland’s refreshed OGP Steering Group, which has oversight of the development and delivery of Scotland’s 2018/20 Open Government Action Plan.

If you’d like to join our network representatives on the OGP Steering Group (see below) then all you need to do is nominate yourself or another member of the network via the nomination form by Sunday 8th July 2018.


If you are a member of Scotland’s Open Government Network – if you’re signed up to our forum then that’s you – then you’re eligible to stand. Whether you consider yourself an expert or simply care about how government can work better in Scotland, put yourself forward to be part of this unique experience.

Nominating yourself is incredibly simple and all you need to do is answer some simple questions about why you would like to represent the network on the Steering Group. You can also nominate someone else in the network if you think they’d do a great job – if you do, we’ll get in touch with them to ask if they’d be interested in standing.

You can find out more about the Network’s selection process for Scotland’s OGP Steering Group and more details about the role here. You can also find the OGP Steering Group Terms of Reference here. A few key details have been included below.

I’m also happy to take any calls or respond to any emails if you have questions about the role of OGP Steering Group members. You can also email to request the online form in alternative formats.

Looking forward to receiving lots of nominations - over to you!

Paul Bradley
Network Coordinator