Call from SCDC and Open Gov Scotland team on people to join OGP Scotland Steering Committee

“Open Government Network’s Civil Society Steering Group is refreshing its committee and is looking for people passionate about changing the way government works to come forward.”

“SCDC is working as a host-secretariat on behalf of the Civil Society Steering Group and Scottish Government who are calling for nominations for the committee from now until 7 June 2021 at 5pm.”

“To nominate yourself or another civil society colleague, or for more information, simply email”

Hi folks,

Thanks to Ruchir for posting the link to the TFN article. Just thought I’d introduce the team here at SCDC and let you know a little more information about the recruitment process.

SCDC is acting as host-secretariat for the Civil Society Steering Group – we’ll be helping with the recruitment of new members and supporting the Steering Group in its role to develop a new National Action Plan (NAP). My colleague Susan Paxton, Head of Programme, is leading on this work at SCDC and I will be supporting promotion as part of my Comms Manager role.

As we’re getting to grips with all things open government, we’d encourage you to check out the recruitment information and consider nominating yourself or someone else to be part of the group. Nominations will be open until 7th June and we’ll keep OGN members updated on the process via the forum.

The emerging themes for the next NAP are listed below, and we note they may change and be developed further as the co-creation process gets underway – again we’ll keep you posted on opportunities to discuss and debate and we’d encourage you to use the forum to exchange your thoughts and ideas on the emerging themes so far.

  • Democratic innovation and public participation
  • The ethical use of data, information and digital technology
  • Financial, procurement and data transparency
  • Health and social care
  • Understanding climate change
  • Options for mainstreaming throughout: poverty and inequality - including children and young people
  • Options for overview to set outcomes that are rights based, support SDGs/NPF and maintenance of trust

So hello from the team at SCDC! We look forward to getting the chance to meet you through the course of this work (whether online or in-person) and would encourage you to check out the recruitment information before the closing date on the 7th June. You can also get in touch with us using

Let’s stay in touch!

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