Next PM must enforcement rule on evidence transparency in government

Ahead of the election we are calling on Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak to commit now that, as PM, they would write to all departments instructing them to follow the existing government rules and guidance on publishing all the evidence behind policies.

Our latest review of recent policy announcements found that government is still failing to meet transparency standards, and we also highlighted recent failings at DWP (carers allowance scandal), BEIS (mining impact analysis), Home Office (border reports), Defra (farming payments scheme consequences) and the Treasury (cost of universal credit changes), when departments circumvent the rules and guidance by burying uncomfortable reports and analysis.

Please would your organisation endorses the call that the next government must follow all the existing rules and guidance on publishing all the evidence behind policies - ideally providing a quote on the issue that we can promote alongside e.g. Institute for Government, Office for Statistics Regulation, UK Anti-Corruption Coalition, Royal Statistical Society, Action for Children, Nesta, Academy of Social Sciences, Citizens Network, Full Fact, Unlock Democracy.
Thanks, David

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We’re happy to support this.

Maurice Frankel
Director, Campaign for Freedom of Information

Thanks Maurice, that’s great.

Is there a quote you would like us to promote (thinking of a comment that we shouldn’t have to rely on FOIs to get the truth from government departments when the obligations to be open and transparent are clear), and can you send me/link to a logo file we can use?

Best wishes, David


What’s the deadline @DavidSchley?

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Hi Kevin,

No hard deadline (apart from 4th July!) – we’re updating on a rolling basis, and planning to make a strong approach to Labour and Conservatives next week (Liberal Democrats, Greens, SNP and Plaid Cymru already signed up).

Thanks, David