IRMs Mid-Term Report on the 3rd National Action Plan now published

Dear All,

The IRM’s Mid-Term Report on the 3rd National Action Plan was published today. You can see the report here

There’s a handy summary on pages 3-5 and some general conclusions and recommendations on page 119.

My five key recommendations are:

  • A Parliamentary committee (and respective other devolved equivalents) to oversee transparency policies

  • A high profile intervention or an event in support of the OGP process

  • A focus on more information and data on the impact of Brexit on everyday life

  • Continue to experiment with new ways of engaging CSOs

  • High profile cross-cutting ‘signature’ reforms that are cross-cutting and high-profile (of a kind seen in the third action plan such as Beneficial ownership)

I’ll have a series of blog post summaries ready in the next few days. For any of you who are still keen, I’m hosting a free event with my Australian equivalent on 12th July in London that you can sign up to here
(if you can’t make it we’ll be recording it as a podcast).

Ben Worthy (UK IRM)

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Hi All,

To follow up on Ben’s message about the 3rd NAP IRM Mid-term Report - he kindly blogged about it as well, which is now available on the website:

The UK’s Third NAP Mid-Term Report: Events, Evolution and (Un)evenness



Dear Ben

Many thanks. The report overall seems through, fair and balanced.

On the natural resource transparency commitments, pp. 30-33, I think your coverage is again fair and balanced. There are some minor inaccuracies in the details that I won’t go into now – apologies if I did not respond to an opportunity to comment on a draft earlier.

The main comment I have is that you have classified these issued in terms of OGP Value Relevance as relating to Access to Information, which they do of course, but they are also very much about Tech. and Innov. for Transparency and Accountability – in fact these issues are usually described first and foremost as relating to transparency and accountability in the extractive industries.

Is there a way of signalling this when you come to the final report and in all future reporting?