Letters to the Minister, SKY News, and the UK placed 'under review.'

Dear all

We hope you are well.

As those who attended the last Meetup will know, the UK government has been placed ‘under review’ by the Open Government Partnership. This is for failing to produce a National Action Plan to the required standards for a second consecutive time.

You can view the letter from the OGP to the UK government here.

In response to this, and wider frustrations at a lack of political leadership, the UK OGN committee put together a letter and made a call for organisations to co-sign. This was done at pace and via an advocacy tool on this forum, which may need updating so apologies to those who did not receive it.

Alongside the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Open Government Networks, 25 civil society organisations also co-signed the letter. You can view it here.

SKY News has covered this story: UK government censured for a lack of transparency and accountability | Politics News | Sky News

And the UK OGN have been tweeting about it here too. It would be great if you could share this tweet.

We will keep pushing this news with the media over the coming days so look out for more coverage. But thanks again to all those who have supported this process, and more broadly, to all those who continue to push for transparent, participatory, inclusive and accountable governance.

Best wishes

The UK Open Government Network Steering Committee

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