Next phase of Open Government network development

Hi All,

Many thanks again for your engagement and support building the open government movement in Scotland.

Together we have built the network’s capacity from scratch, co-developed a national action plan, taken forward a number of campaigns including on freedom of information and openly planned the ambitions for open government in Scotland. It’s now time for us to review the next phase of the network’s development.

SCVO will be stepping back from coordinating the network after Feb 2019.

However, we are planning to secure all the network’s online resources, including the website, the discuss forums (this forum), the planning wiki, and the YouTube channel. These resources will continue after Feb (for some time) and will be available for future coordinators to make full use of in network development.

In order to plan for the next phase, we have created a wiki page for proposals and ideas to be developed. This is available at a dedicated wiki page and was also discussed at the Mini-Summit we held late last month to discuss the future options (see outputs at Mini-Summit page)

There are a number of activities in play now for open government, including the delivery and monitoring of the Scottish Government’s OGP Action Plan. SCVO will be participating in these but will not be coordinating this activity after Feb 2019.

I would welcome your thoughts, both here and/or directly on the wiki page set up.

Yours, Ruchir Shah, SCVO.

Thanks for this update and thank you to SCVO for all the energy and actions to build a strong OGP network in Scotland over the last couple of years.

It is vital to have active civil society participation in the open government movement if we are going to make sure Scotland is a place wher the core values of openenss, accountability and citizen participation really mean something. Look forward to continuing to work with a strengthening Network, in whatever configuration works best.