In summary: All you need to know about Scotland’s Open Government Action Plan

All you need to know about Scotland’s Open Government Action Plan

Upcoming events
We are almost at the end of delivering our series of public discussion events with the Scottish Government to crowdsource ideas for Scotland’s 2018/20 Action Plan. Join us in Edinburgh next Tuesday at 9:30am at the Hanover Conference Centre for our final event.

Past events
We’ve been to Dundee, Stirling, Inverness and Glasgow as part of the public discussion series. Thanks to GCVS, The Albany Learning Centre and Highlands Third Sector Interface for their support!

Online crowdsourcing
The online platform contains a mixture of ideas sourced from events and submissions made by individuals. I’d encourage you to get on their over the next few days to get your ideas flowing and submitted!

OGP Steering Group
The OGP Steering Group will be meeting in the first week of September to discuss progress and next steps with developing the plan. Details about what you can expect from your civil society reps and how the group works can be found here.

The sessions we’ve held have been well received, and the format has allowed for some fascinating discussions and ideas to be exchanged. SCDC have done an excellent job with facilitating the sessions, and we’ve met many new faces along the way!


Morning all,

This is just a quick update to bring you up to speed on where we are with developing Scotland’s 2018/20 Open Government Action Plan.

You will know that our engagement activities jointly held with the Scottish Government and facilitated by SCDC have now come to a close. Last week, a final event was held to develop a set of key themes for the OGP Steering Group - which includes our eight network representatives – to make progress on potential commitments and shaping them for the action plan.

In terms of the next OGP Steering Group meeting, the group’s secretariat is struggling to make sufficient numbers from both from government and civil society with the need for quorum for decision-making in our Articles of Governance (4 representatives from both civil society and government). This means that the production of the action plan will be slightly delayed with October now looking the mostly likely month in which an action plan will be approved.

Having just completed the successful public discussion and engagement process, a number of key themes and priorities have emerged (below) and colleagues in government are exploring what will be possible to achieve within these themes ahead of the OGP Steering Group meeting:

• Financial transparency and participatory budgeting
• Participation and consultation
• Access to information and data
• Accountability and understanding systems

SCDC will also be producing a report on the process of developing the action plan. They will seek views from the Network as well as those who attended the events and took part in the online submission process.

I will continue to keep you informed on developments.


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