Network Governance Group Meeting


The Network’s Governance Sub-group is to start discussions around shaping the development of the Network’s governance.

Scotland’s Open Government Network has grown significantly in membership since 2016, we have secured a more formal role for the network to engage with the Scottish Government on OGP Action Plans and our forum is active.

With this comes a need for our network to adopt some clear ways of working. This becomes all the more important with the Big Lottery Funded project - which supports the network - coming to an end in November 2018; the sustainability and future of the network is vitally important.

The remit of this group is to develop and make proposals to the wider network on the governance of Scotland’s Open Government Network for the network to consider and approve.

The group has been invited to an online meeting tomorrow from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm to begin these discussions. The meeting will be chaired by Ruchir Shah.

Any member of the network can join this meeting, even if you have not signed up to the Governance Sub-group.

Join the meeting here
Find agenda here
Find draft terms of reference here.


Look forward to this session this afternoon.

Only thing that jarrs with me on the draft reference is:

“‘A position of the Scotland Open Government Network’” under decision making.

We can’t have network positions in my view and keep it open to as wide participation as we might want, and this provision might actually put people off joining.

I suggest that the “Members of the Scotland Open Government Network” suffices for most foreseeable needs.

The Open Government Action plan for example would never be signed off by the network – just by the action plan steering group.

Happy to discuss this later. Regards, Ruchir.