What we heard: report of public discussion on developing OGP action plan

Report published today! Results of public engagement and discussion events

Co-creating the open government action plan

As you know we are currently developing our next action plan for the next two years, and we’ve been doing lots to reach the wider public to get their input.

We worked closely with the Open Government Civil Society Network to invite the public and third sector organisations to share their ideas to support our ambitions for open and participative government and we heard from people across Scotland.

We heard some key themes strongly and consitently - read the report below and/or the short blog to find out.

Blog: What we heard from you: report of key themes and ideas

Report: Report of public discussion events and ideas - Open Government - Sept 2018.pdf (797.8 KB)


Next steps

The ideas we heard from people form the basis for the Scottish Government’s Action Plan on open government. The ideas in this report have been presented to Scottish Government policy teams, colleagues and partners where applicable, and we are in the process of developing actions and commitments based on these ideas. These will be discussed and developed by the Steering Group (4th Oct, 1.30-3pm, Hemma, Edinburgh - observors welcome).

The finalised plan will be signed off by the Scottish Cabinet of Ministers. The Scottish Government will then publish the finalised Action Plan, and will commit to delivering these actions over the next two years (2018-20)

Great blog Niamh, and thanks for sharing the summary report with the Network!

We will also be working with the Scottish Government and SCDC to develop a learning report on the engagement and planning process and recommendations for how this can be improved for future action plans.

Please watch this space for more information on developing the 2018/20 Open Government Action Plan.


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Hi Opengovscot members,

The Open government civil society action planning group met today to explore commitments to propose for the Scottish Open Gov Action Plan. The outputs from the discussion are being developed openly at https://opengovpioneers.miraheze.org/wiki/2018-20_OpenGov_Content_Planning#What_have_we_been_saying.3F

If you are interested in getting into the details, please join the group (which includes all OGP Scotland Civil Society Steering group members) at https://discuss.opengovernment.org.uk/groups/opengovscot-apc