Open Government Online

Hi all!

We’re currently having a real think about how the work that we do on Open Government in Scotland is shared online. Currently, the Scottish Government team maintain a blog, a central policy page on, and a Twitter page. As well as this, we have pages for the Steering Group and our various publications, and use Eventbrite to publicise events.

To help us to think through how we should engage online, we’re coming up with “user stories” describing scenarios in which people would look us up online, and what they’d be looking for. For example, a member of the public might google “open government Scotland” looking for opportunities to get involved so that they can help to shape policy that they’re interested in.

Understanding why people look us up will help us to ensure that the way we share content meets these needs. What would you (or an imaginary member of the public) be looking to get from our online content, and what would you do with this information? Please do share your thoughts on this with us below!

Hi Maddie. Sounds like a great idea. As well as getting responses from the folks in this forum, what about creating a fairly open survey to illicit answers from a broader section of the public? You could promote on your blog and via Twitter, and I’m sure other organisations and individuals would share it too (which I’d be happy to as well). Good luck with it.

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