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Dear OGP community,

I’d like to inform you that here at NRGI we are relaunching our online course, * Natural Resources for Sustainable Development: The Fundamentals of Oil, Gas, and Mining Governance*, on 10 September 2018 . Please consider joining us and informing your network about this exciting opportunity. * Learn more and enrol*l.

* Natural Resources for Sustainable Development: The Fundamentals of Oil, Gas, and Mining Governance** * outlines the various complex and interrelated aspects of natural resource governance, including: understanding the governance and industry fundamentals; developing and implementing robust and transparent legal frameworks; designing fiscal regimes to capture a fair share of the revenues; managing environmental risks; engaging with communities; and leveraging investments for infrastructure and business linkages, among others.

This open-to-all course includes pre-recorded lectures with global experts, selected readings, quizzes, discussion forums to interact with students from around the world and Q&A sessions with instructors. New content is released every Monday for a 12 week period and video transcripts are available in Spanish, French and Russian. Natural Resources for Sustainable Development is produced in partnership with * Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment*, the * World Bank* and the * SDG Academy*, and is hosted by EdX , the global online education offering high-quality open access courses. The course is free to take in full, with the option to pay for a certificate for accreditation. Read more about the course and enroll here.

We look forward to welcoming you and your network to the course.

With thanks and kind regards,

Marie Lintzer

Senior Governance Officer

Natural Resource Governance Institute

Mob. (France): +(33) 6 61 66 74 96 | Skype: lintzer.marie


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