DATE SET | Climate Change | Natural Resources (Open Environment)

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A date has been agreed for the first Climate Change / Natural Resources (Open Environment) workshop. It will take place on July 1st at 2 pm.

Workshops bring together civil society and civil servants to co-create commitments for the next (fifth) National Action Plan for Open Government. You can see the last (current) National Action Plan here.

National Action Plans or NAPs must be completed every two years by countries who are members of the Open Government Partnership. This is a global movement of 78 countries and 76 local governments, all of whom have signed a declaration to make governments more accountable, transparent and participatory. Basically the NAP turns the principles of open government into measurable action. They are independently assessed too.

Whilst Natural Resource Transparency was a commitment in the last NAP the broader theme of Climate Change opens up opportunities for a much broader discussion. You can see what other countries are doing in this area here.

Below is a list of civil society attendees subscribed so far as there may be others you wish to invite. The success of the NAP process is intrinsically linked to the quality and diversity of involvement from civil society. Please look for gaps and encourage your networks to get involved by sharing this form: You can also retweet this tweet and look out for more as we approach July 1st.

Finally, thank you again for being involved in this! Open government matters more than ever.

See you on July 1st at 2 pm.

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Sam Smith Medconfidential
Anna Powell-Smith Centre for Public Data
Daniel Jones Uplift
Joe Williams Natural Resource Governance Institute
Tim Davies Practical Participation
Justyna Herbut UK EITI Civil Society Network (CSN)
Julian Tait Open Data Manchester CIC
Alex Stobart Mydex CIC
Susannah Fitzgerald UK Anti-Corruption Coalition
Arpana Verma University of Manchester
Julian Tait Open Data Manchester CIC
Paul Frainer Greater Cambridge Planning
Miles Litvinoff Publish What You Pay UK
Michael Solomon Responsible 100
Andrew Newman Defra
David McBurney NI Open Government Network
Sue Chadwick ODI
Diana Szasz Open Data Institute
Timothy Hill Open Data Institute
Kevin Keith UK Open Government Network
Gavin Freeguard UK Open Government Network
Josh D’Addario Open Data Institute
Justin Moore Independent Citizen / Development Monitor
Tim Hughes Involve
Sarah Markham SPNFT
Jeff Geipel Mining Shared Value
Philip Wheeler The Open University
Daniel Aldridge BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
David Banisar ARTICLE 19
Ilaria Fevola ARTICLE 19
Thomas Freelance
Rachel Vint Open Data Services Coop
Jeff Geipel Engineers Without Borders (Mining Shared Value initaitive)
Sophie Walker Your Dsposal
Ruchir Shah UK Open Government Network

Thanks Kevin – Please share the link to join this call.


Miles Litvinoff


Publish What You Pay UK

t: +44 (0)1442 825060 | m: +44 (0)7984 720103 | skype: miles_litvinoff | Twitter: @PWYPUK



Thanks Miles. Here’s the meeting link:

But we are asking everyone interested to sign up here so they receive follow-on information (read out / future meeting dates, etc):

Hopefully you have already received a calendar invitation?

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Thanks Kevin. I thought I had signed up but did not get the invite. Will sign up again. I don’t have your email address.

Best, Miles

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