Open Gov Week EVENT: Transparency in the world's oil, gas & mining industries: the UK's role 13 March 10:30-13:00, London (venue tbc)

The UK and other countries have achieved good progress in promoting natural resource transparency over the last 15 years, through both voluntary reporting under the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and mandatory reporting rules.

However, more work is needed to progress from transparency to accountability; gaps remain in the scope and coverage of extractive companies’ disclosures of payments to governments and in the clarity and accessibility of the disclosed data; and the complementary opening up of contract and beneficial ownership information is also needed.

This session will cover the current state and future actions for natural resource transparency from a UK perspective, providing an overview from the UK government, civil society, and private sector representatives.


10:30 - 11:30 presentations:

Miles Litvinoff – PWYP UK

Joe Williams - NRGI

Dominic Eagleton - Global Witness

Sophie Durham - Kosmos Energy

Rhona Birchall - Department for International Development

11:40 - 13:00 discussion and Q&A