Equality, diversity and inclusion in the OGP Action Plan

Hi UKOpenGov network,

At the Multistakeholder Forum working meeting today we identified a total gap in the extent to which EDI perspectives are represented in the planning of the next UK Opengovernment action plan.

This is an issue for civil society on how it organises its representation and it is also an onus on Government to support civil society to do this, rather than simply telling civil society to get its own house in order.

Many of us here are volunteering our time here, so there isn’t always the capacity to secure diversity of perspectives through the process - but it’s too important to ignore.
It’s also a failure of the NAP process itself, which is far too focused on what happens and is raised within closed Chatham house meetings between government and those with the capacity to attend from civil society.

We can’t fix all of this in the timescales and capacity available, but we can make a good meaningful start in being honest with ourselves and getting some action off the ground to address this.


Let’s get the ball rolling, find people who have energy on this agenda, and get funders behind it, including support from government departments to make this work. It won’t happen in time for the current opengovernment action plan, but in my view it we shouldn’t pin all our hopes on the commitments we may be able to secure through that process.

Best, Ruchir.

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I see no one from the forum community has responded, to agree, disagree or add a comment or proposition on equality, diversity and inclusion. Is this a concern that is of interest to the network? If the discuss forum is not the right place to raise this, where should the network connect on bringing equality, diversity and inclusion into the the Opengov process without fragmenting the perspectives and actions?

Hi Ruchir,

Thanks for raising this, I haven’t been involved in the UK level engagement on NAP5 but I have taken part in some of the idea generation events around Scotland’s Open Government National Action Plan. In both the participation and democracy and data and digital events, myself and other stakeholders raised a fair number of pertinent equality issues. However, I’m not sure how well publicised the events were and whether the format was suitable for ensuring equalities perspectives were properly addressed. Whether this input will have any practical impact remains to be seen. I realise this doesn’t really address your question about how the main UK level process can be influenced but just wanted to chime in to say I share your concerns.

Carol, CRER


Thanks Carol and yes inclusion, diversity and equality will be front and centre of Scotland NAP commitment on participation - as you say, we heard that from all of our public events, from our civil society colleagues, but also from the outputs of the two citizen assemblies in Scotland.