e-lectorate project - feedback and interest

Hi there, the e-lectorate project is a research project to see if UK democracy can be improved with a dedicated social network that is designed to bring people closer to democracy.

We have developed the e-lectorate app which takes data sources from Parliament and other public bodies, allows people to vote on content, post about matters relating to their constituency and engage in debate.

We officially launched the app at the start of the year and we are looking to grow our community with like-minded people, get feedback and ultimately prove-in/out the research thesis.

Is this compatible with the objectives of OpenGovUK? if so we’d love to engage further.

you can check out what we are all about here: https://www.e-lectorateproject.uk

you can email contact@e-lectorateproject.uk directly with any questions, thoughts and suggestions.

thanks (and apols. if this isn’t the right place for this content - first post to this community :slight_smile: )

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