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Welcome to the Open Government Network discussion forum!
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Hi Andreas

I’ve just received this. It looks like its a welcome to a new person signing on to the list, but if I’ve got it, it’s presumably been copied to the whole list.

The other odd thing is that Katherine and I both signed up to just the OpenGovUK list but seem to also be receiving all posts to the NI, Scottish and Welsh lists as well!

Best wishes


Hi Maurice,

Thanks for letting me know about this. I had created this message which is visible on the front page of the website, but which seems to have gone to everyone in the list. Sorry about that.

That is odd about getting messages from the other networks. I have manually ‘muted’ the NI, Scotland and Wales networks via your and Katherine’s accounts so you should not receive further messages from them. I had thought this was already the case in the way we had set up the forum. To mute/unmute networks, you can go to your profile -> preferences (top menu) -> notifications (side menu) -> categories (side menu) -> muted.