The first UK OGN Meetup | 8th October at 11-30 am

Dear Network

Thank you so much for engaging with my last post: ‘What Difference Can We Make?’

You have proven this forum can work so we will stick with it for now.

But more importantly, those who commented have showcased the breadth of skills and depth of passion we are fortunate to have amongst us.

Now we have to work out the most effective way to use this so as to drive change.

Towards this aim, you can register for our first UK OGN Meetup by clicking here.

It is on Thursday 8th October at 11-30 am but please register prior.

I hope you can make it as my colleagues and I are looking forward to saying hello.

But if not, do not worry. This is our first meetup. There will be more and it will evolve over time to be as inclusive as it possibly can be.

Hopefully see many of you next week.

Until then stay safe and take care.


Interim Chair
UK Open Government Network

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Hello Kevin,

Thank you for setting up the meeting. Please accept my apologies as I have other commitments already at that time. Could notes of the meeting be circulated please? Keen to stay involved and hopefully I will be able to make the next meeting.

Thank you.

Best wishes,


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Dear Keith,

Sorry I can’t make this time but as you say it is only the first of many so please keep me posted.

Best wishes



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