Preparation for Ottawa Summit

Dear network!

As talked about on the Forum and within the Steering Group, it is a good idea to try to somewhat coordinate messages as UK civil society working on open government in the run-up to the Global OGP Summit in Ottawa, Canada (29-31 May).

The below Google Doc is a working document for the whole network to participate in to develop this common approach. Please feel free to make suggestions in the document.

It includes:

  1. Top lines/messages
  2. Assuming we still do not have an action plan, a statement from UK CSOs about the lack of a plan for orgs to sign up to, Under Embargo
  3. Comms (Twitter) plans for the UK OGN
  4. Possible article to be published in media - if we can get it written and pitched in time. Help welcome
  5. any links to your articles/blogs etc for the summit.

If you feel that there are other NGOs that should be signing onto this or know about this, please feel free to let them know.



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Thanks for sharing this Andreas. It looks good. I’ve suggested some edits to the draft letter - minor tweaks to shorten it in places. If we an get all the organisations that signed up to the third NAP to sign that would be great.

Thanks Rachel, am going through comments today.

Just a note to everyone on this list - I have heard from a couple of different places that the Government will publish the plan before the Summit. With that in mind, it would make sense to also prepare a statement assuming the plan IS published.

I am going to take the version we have done already (which assumes no plan) and reword it so that more or less covers these messages: welcome the plan being published, v disappointed with the process and broader outlook, expecting renewed political input and leadership on the agenda. Am open to suggestions/changes to this.

It will be in the same google doc along with the rest of the materials for the Ottawa Summit.



Hi everyone. I have reworded the statements and would really appreciate people looking at them. If people are happy, please add your organisation name to the statement.

  • 1st statement is in the case that the action plan is NOT published (1b, page 2)
  • 2nd statement is in the case that the action plan IS published (2b, page 5)