Scottish Information Commissioner's briefing on the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill

Good morning,

Please find attached a copy of the briefing note the office of the Scottish Information Commissioner sent to MSPs and the Scottish Government FOI unit last night, on the FOI provisions within the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill.

This has been specifically shared with us in part due to the mention of the Open Government Partnership in the section regarding perception of the proposed changes internationally.

Information_Commissioner_Briefing.pdf (482.6 KB)

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to attach the briefing that CFoIS sent to all MSPs in advance of the debate on The Coronavirus
(Scotland) Bill on 1st April 2020. CFoIS is extremely disappointed that a legislative route to limit FoI rights was agreed by a majority of MSPs and that none of the restrictions are subject to a public interest test.

CFoIS is currently finalising a briefing on the impact of the Bill on the right to know in Scotland and it will shortly be available on our website

Best wishes,


Carole Ewart


Campaign for
Freedom of Information in Scotland @CFoIScot

MSP briefing Final Web.docx (120 KB)