Scottish Government responds to the Institutionalising Participatory and Deliberative Democracy working group’s report and recommendations

Scottish Government has responded to the Institutionalising Participatory and Deliberative Democracy working group’s report and recommendations.

The response can be viewed on the Scottish Government website.

The Institutionalising Participatory and Deliberative Democracy (IPDD) working group was convened by Scottish Government in summer 2021, and its report was published in spring 2022.

The report outlined how Scottish Government’s ambition for transformative change can be delivered to make Scotland’s democracy more participative and inclusive.

The report’s recommendations centred on establishing infrastructure that supports high quality, routine involvement of people in decisions affecting them, with a focus on ensuring the engagement of people furthest from government.

Scottish Government’s response sets out what government will now do to deliver its commitments on participatory and deliberative democracy, and addresses each recommendation outlined in the report.

Scottish Government recognises that involving the people of Scotland in decisions that affect them is key to delivering a stronger and more resilient Scotland, and that it is vital that people feel listened to at a time when feelings of powerlessness and frustration can take hold. By drawing on the considered views of the public, government will be better equipped to take complex and difficult decisions, and public understanding and input into these difficult decisions can help government to chart a route through that is fairer and meets the fullest range of peoples’ needs.

Scottish Government thanks the IPDD working group for their work and considerable expertise to support government to better embed participatory and deliberative processes into the democratic system. This response represents a step in the wider process of institutionalising participatory and deliberative democracy in Scotland :scotland:

Hi @NeishaKirk

We are try to find R&D development partners for the same scope with holistic approach for social system innovation with eco-system design thinking.
Please take a look at on this post and please help to us find partners for the tender.

Hi @Humanner

Thanks for the sharing the above, and apologies for the later reply - your message went into my ‘other’ inbox on Outlook for some reason but this should be fixed now!

Members of Scotland’s Civil Society network will have received a notification of your post in the UK Gov forum so will have an awareness of this opportunity. However another network available to us is our twitter account (@scotgovopen) which would reach others beyond the network - is there a post from the Humanner or Open Gov Civil Society twitter accounts that we could re-tweet or share?

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Thank you for your answer and for your help with your sharing suggestion.
There is no more relevant link as I inserted into my first message and to be honest they are not either the best as no any response for the OGP forum post.

Humanner would be a Political Socialisation project with holistic approach in social innovation.

Democracy, SDG, Climate change has the same systematic root problem related to the human factor.

The Humanner project vision based on disruptive technologies developed by Lorand Kedves by 10+ years academic research in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Neumann architecture logic
Rule based AI
Visual programming - like UML, Archimate
Programing language independent
Meta data and multiple ontology

See the short video
MiND | Devpost

Think with Montru - Explained - YouTube

Marc-Antoine Parent adopted the semantic knowledge graph into social network environment with his Hyperknowladge project.

Hyperknowladge adopted into Studiolo – a global research collaboration platform

More Studiolo tech details:

Humanner’s TECH vision very similar to NESTA - Using Collective Intelligence to Solve Public Problems
Using Collective Intelligence to Solve Public Problems | Nesta

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Janos Deak

Hi Janos,

Thanks for letting me know. As mentioned, the civil society network in Scotland should have received a notification of your proposal and the details of the project so will have seen this opportunity and can get in touch. Wishing you the best of luck with the submission!