Scottish Government Data Delivery Group

(Ruchir Shah) #1

Hi all.
Both myself (SCVO) and Matthew from Open Rights Group are civil society members of a new high level Scotgov group helping to steer Scottish Government’s data strategy called the Data Delivery Group. Some of the functions of this group used to be carried out by the former Scotgov Data Management Board.

It had its first meeting today, and the group has agreed to take an open government approach to its papers, engagement and comms.

I am expecting the current set of papers to be uploaded shortly to the Scotgov website and a link will be posted here. Future papers will as I understand be published in advance of meetings.

(Ruchir Shah) #2

Please also be aware that the DDG’s page on Scotgov website has now been published; it can be found at:; in time meeting papers will be made available there.
I’ll post an alert when that happens.

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(Matthew Rice) #3

Thanks Ruchir, hi everyone.

If anyone has an topics or issues they would like to raise with either of us when it comes to the use of data in the public sector please do raise it with us.

The Group itself is setting some tracks as you will see in the meeting papers but issues are always able to be raised and discussed and we hope our presence can facilitate more voices to contribute to the Group.


Matt Rice

(Hannah Dickson) #4

Thanks Ruchir and Matt for sharing the update, and good to see both of you on this group. Do you have any reflections from the meeting / discussions you can share with us whilst we wait on the minutes being published?

I’ve shared the existence of the group with the AIRS group (Analysis Intelligence Research Scotland) and Chairs of LARIA in Scotland who are a network of researchers and analysts working across public services in Scotland and are keen to be involved as the group begins its work.


(Ruchir Shah) #5

Key takeaways from the last meeting for me were:
Priority review of Information Governance guidance
Interest in a wider conversation towards an AI strategy for Scotland
Refinement of a high level delivery plan for data in Scotland, taking a systems approach.

(Bill Adom) #6

Can i have your contacts Direct so we can talk on IDD Caller

(Hera Hussain) #7

Thanks for sharing! Really encouraging.