Open Government Scotland: Break The Roles

How can Scotland’s membership of the Open Government Partnership be used to further women’s equality and inclusion within Scotland?

This event will be an opportunity to look back at Scotland’s previous action plans through a gender lens, before looking forward to consider what this perspective offers to the creation of the next action plan.

Participants will be encouraged to offer challenge, critique, and ideas for how greater inclusivity should be woven into the creation and delivery of future commitments.

This should be a fantastic conversation - sign up on Eventbrite, using the link below!

Hi Maddie,

I would love to come to this but unfortunately have a meeting at 1pm. Is there any way I could join late or will that mess up any breakout activities?



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i am sure we can find a way Jess

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Dear All,
I hope you are safe and well.

For some reason my repeated emails to change the contact address are going unactioned. It is 18 months since CFoIS changed its address so can the right person(s) amend your data to reflect the change:
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Carole Ewart

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Can I check what list or website it is that you’d like the email changed on? If it’s the email on which you receive emails from this forum, I believe you would have to log into the forum and change your email under “preferences”.

The forum isn’t maintained by the Scottish Government team, so apologies that I can’t be more help

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Pam not Carole.

Why are we looking at women’s equality and inclusion and the Action Plan in isolation from equality for BME people, for LGBO people, for disabled people, for, say, Catholic people and for all others who experience discrimination and marginalisation ? How does the OG partnership ensure that it does not create a hierarchy of equality ?

If there are to be separate events for people from all the protected characteristics, how does the OG partnership ensure that intersectionality is threaded through its work on the next Action Plan ?

And on the use of ‘inclusivity’, who decides what that in reality means – those already on the inside looking out ?

‘Inclusion’ reminds me of the use of the word ‘tolerant’, recently part of the vocabulary used in Scotland to portray a country which welcomes diversity. Those already in power and wielding influence can describe themselves as ‘tolerant’ of those who are different. For me, this has always meant someone else putting up with my position on the spectrum as long as it does not offend the horses.

In summary, I have concerns about creating a hierarchy of equality and of the language used around what OG intends to achieve.

Hope all well with you.

I want to draw your attention to the next online meeting of SPIF which is confirmed for 24th March 2021 and will focus on ‘‘Open Government - international trends?’ The keynote speaker is Helen Darbishire from Access Info Europe, a member of the Steering Committee of the OGP and Chair of the UNCAC Coalition, the network that coordinates civil society activity in monitoring and promoting the UN Convention against Corruption. Doreen Grove, Open Government Partnership Lead, at the Scottish Government Strategy Unit will also speak.

Registration is free through Eventbrite. Subsequent dates for your diary for the online meetings are 24th May and 25th June 2021.


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