MSF, Thematic Groups, and the Continuing Crisis

Hi all

A quick update.

The Multistakeholder Forum (MSF) with Minister Julia Lopez has been re-arranged for tomorrow. Thanks to those who posted their thoughts on what should be discussed in the meeting.

The MSF will also kick off a more detailed series of Thematic Groups that will open to all. The dates (at least for some) will be published soon after the MSF.

We have previously had a Meet-Up on the crisis in open government at the time of the Police Bill.

Yet this was before the Cameron / Crothers / Greensill lobbying scandal and the Dyson tax-change texts. Before the Hancock / Topwood Ltd scandal and allegations that donors were being sought to ‘secretly pay’ for renovations above 11 Downing Street.

All the while, the Register of Ministerial Interests due at the end of 2020 has still not been published. And there is still no replacement independent adviser on minister’s interests since Sir Alex Allan resigned last November…

So, you can understand the challenge of trying to improve open government, of developing the fifth National Action Plan (2021 to 2023) when the fundamental principles of accountability and transparency are seemingly ignored. It’s difficult.

Your views as always welcome on all of this.

The MSF is Chatham House, but there will be an official write-up and attendees will be encouraged to let you know how it went on this forum.

Best wishes for now and watch out for the forthcoming Thematic Groups.