Feedback: Strategic Discussion on the Multistakeholder Forum

Hi all

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to update following the Strategic Discussion on the Multistakeholder Forum (MSF) on December 9th.

Thanks again for all those who submitted ideas for themes to be discussed and who made great suggestions, like the importance of prioritising.

The meeting was Chatham House Rule but below is a link to a list of attendees, the agenda, and the themes discussed (although we never quite made it through them all). I have included my preamble which I gave at the beginning too.

It is important to restate this was not a formal MSF and those invited to participate, whilst making excellent contributions, were in part due to short notice. We wish to (and we will) involve you more as conversations kick-on next year.

As for the content, a note will be published earlier next year by the government. We will circulate and add further detail too. We touched on open procurement, open justice, data ethics, health, misinformation and freedom of information.

But we ran short of time on environment, democracy building, and public standards. These are important topics and will follow over to discussions next year.

Best wishes,