Fwd: OGP NAP Update

Message sent to all Devolved Administrations:

|from:|Sam Roberts
|to:|Andreas Pavlou
|date:|19 Dec 2018, 12:09|

Dear all,

Apologies for the radio silence of late, I’ve been working to get the UK NAP 4 signed off in time for a December publication, however I’m emailing you all with some unfortunate news.

As a result of a last minute query against one of the core commitments in our plan, we’ve been unable to obtain the final clearances required for the NAP to be published pre-January. As the query was multi-faceted we’ve taken the view that it would be better handle these correctly and publish a complete set of fully approved commitments than to try and rush through a minimal set (which would also be subject to clearance) followed by an avalanche of amendments and rewrites.

Apologies again, I know you’ve been working very hard on developing commitments with your government counterparts (many of which have already begun delivering). I look forward to publishing these in the new year, working with you all to develop further commitments, and strengthening the existing ones throughout 2019.

Kindest Regards,


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Sam Roberts
Delivery Manager, Data Policy

4th Floor, 100 Parliament Street, London SW1A 2BQ