Fwd: [ogp] Civil Society Steering Committee 2020 Call for Selection Committee Volunteers

forwarded message:

**We are opening the call for nominations for the Selection Committee of the 2020 Civil Society Steering Committee rotation. **The OGP Steering Committee will be looking to fill three Civil Society seats as of October 2020. The Selection Committee will lead on selecting the candidates for the seats.

The Selection Committee consists of:

  • Two members from the current civil society SC members (excluding the lead co-chair);

  • Two volunteers from the broader OGP civil society community;

  • OGP Support Unit, Chief Country Support

Candidates for the volunteer position on the Selection Committee are invited to send a short letter explaining their motivations and qualifications to serve to rotation@opengovpartnership.org by 23 March 2020.

The civil society co-chairs of the OGP Steering Committee and the Chief Country Support will assess the candidates for the external members of the selection committee along the following criteria: active members of CS, good understanding of OGP and what its leadership requires, experience with recruitment and selection processes, experience with SC type of governance mechanisms, and time commitment. The need to have a diverse and representative selection committee will also be taken into account.

Nominations for the 2020 Selection Committee are now open. For further details, please consult the OGP website or contact paul.maassen@opengovpartnership.org.