EVENTS | 5th or 7th OCTOBER | Should the UK be declared inactive?

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I hope you are well.

The UK government may be declared ‘inactive’ by the open government partnership.

This follows three successive failures to meet criteria on how to develop a National Action Plan.

But should it?

And what would it mean if it was?

Join us online next week at one of two events and feed directly into what action the OGP should take.

Paul Braithwaite, OGP Senior Regional Coordinator for Europe, will be on hand to answer questions about the process.

Crucially, following discussion, you will also be offered the opportunity to vote (anonymously) on what you think should happen. This will be communicated directly to those determining the UK’s status.

If you are not able to make it, please forward the invitation to a representative from your organisation or to interested colleagues.

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Chair | UK Open Government Network

The govt are not open at all, they are covert and devious to the extent of lying to a court

Hahaa yes well said!

Research common purpose, rolled out by the Freemasons

Currently stealing homes and business via Lloyds Banking Group…


Susan Dolan

Google Expert

Hi Kevin,

The government have been inactive since 7 July when all the ministers resigned. Following that was a six-week period of naval gazing while a bizarre demographic of old white men and any foreign interest that could stump up a fiver and pretend to be under 26 decided who’d be our next ‘leader’. It might as well have been decided with a game of rock, scissors paper. That segued into a period of mourning for the queen and now party conference season. There was a brief respite, if you can call it that, during which we were given a budget which wasn’t a budget because if it was a budget the government would have to provide independent forecasting. I’m sure Mr Praline could express the lack of any detectable activity in the government far better than me, but by my reckoning (030/9/2022 – 9/7/2022) = 83 days of inactivity. That said, the covert deviousness dates back to at least 2016.

We have to keep complaining otherwise this just becomes normalised. You have my full backing, even if I usually remain silent.

Best wishes



Covert deviousness only to 2016, 1016 be more accurate, always been at it