Creative Bravery Festival

Hi all!

Hope you’re doing well. Our friends over at Collective Leadership have asked that we share with you an exciting new project they’ve been working on: the Creative Bravery Festival. Please do share this event with your networks as well.

What if there was a place you could learn about different ways that people are reimagining education? What if you could exchange ideas around the world to find new ways to inspire? What if this space invited everyone – learners, parents, educators, businesses, charities, the arts and community groups? And what if you could share your story with these people too?

The Creative Bravery Festival is that space.

Join us to share and learn.

21 – 27 Sept 2020

Thanks so much for sharing this @Maddie! I’ve also shared the the 2nd Enlightenment Movement (2EM) forum on Basecamp, as this resonates deeply with 2EM principles.

(More about 2EM here)

Thanks again!