Call for Innovative Open Government Cases

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Call for Innovative Open Government Cases

The OECD and OGP are launching a call for open government innovations.

Open government innovators from around the world are encouraged to submit innovative practices to propel research on open government trends and to inspire other members of the community to work in new and creative ways. Be part of this vibrant community, paving the way for a new wave of open government.

What is an open government innovation?

An open government innovation is any good practice that promotes the principles of transparency, integrity, accountability and stakeholder participation in support of democracy and inclusive growth.

At its core, an open government innovation is:

Share your story with us! We want to hear from you – in government, civil society or the private sector – on how you address challenges in your community through innovative open government practices.

A number of these innovations will be featured in OECD Open Government Reviews and two case authors will be invited to attend the launch of the OECD Report on The future of democracy: Cutting edge practices of citizen engagement in public decision-making , in Paris in 2019. The deadline for submissions is on the 12 February 2019. The call is open to government, private sector and non-governmental organisations. Submit your innovation today!

How to Submit an Open Government Innovation:

  1. First, register for the OPSI Website to submit your case and become part of the OECD Open Government community of practice.

  2. Make sure you fulfill the submission criteria for acceptance:

  • The case is relevant to the open government principles of transparency, integrity, accountability and stakeholder participation
  • It has a novel approach, either as a concept, or an upgrade based on a previous initiative. It is ongoing or has been implemented in practice, and it has shown results that can be verified.
    -The case study is written in plain English or French.
    -Every section of the case submission form is completed online.
  1. Then, submit an Innovation through our platform by 12 February 2019

You can preview the submission questions and share them with your team using the .doc version available here. Please note that final submissions will need to be done through the digital platform. The OECD Open Government team and peer reviewers can suggest edits to the case description. The final selection of cases to be published is made by the OECD team, as advised by members of an informal Expert Group on Open Government.

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